Corriedale Sheep

~ A dual-purpose breed of superior lamb meat and high quality wool ~

Corriedale sheep are a dual-purpose breed originating from New Zealand and Australia.  They are the oldest of cross-bred sheep.  Corriedales were developed in the 1800s to improve the meat characteristics of Merinos by crossing them with longwool breeds such as Lincolns and Leicesters.  They were imported to the United States in 1914.  Corriedales are now a popular breed for their superior lamb meat and high quality medium-long wool.  They are possibly the second most popular breed in the world, after Merinos.

Crow Hill Farm is committed to improving the breeding stock of Corriedale sheep available in Canada. Breeding stock is available for sale. Please contact us for more information.

We are listed as a Canadian producer of Corriedales on the Canadian Cooperative of Wool Growers website.

For more information about Corriedale Sheep characteristics, see the Corriedale profile on the Canadian Sheep Breeders website.

Crow Hill Farm

Producers of Registered Corriedale Sheep, Natural Coloured Fleece and Premium Lamb using environmentally sustainable practices